Thursday, 19 February 2009

Great News!! All testing is complete we are moving Wightbay to a bigger and better server. This will improve the speed of the site and stop the down time. This is due to be switched first thing Friday morning.

We had to do this due to the increased traffic levels we are now getting. Wightbay is more popular than ever with over 70,000 visits each week.


Anonymous said...

not sure if its just me but it seems that the move to a new server has affected the display of the advert photo's.

Have look and see if you agree.


Jodie said...

I have noticed this... There is currently quite a lot of white space on all ad details pages. This will be fixed shortly.

Many Thanks


Anonymous said...

70,000 hits a week??? Is this unique hits??

1. This seems to be a lot of people
2. What are the unique hits this is the actual number of people who visit this site that is the difference 100 people 200 people or 300 people a week?
3. Exactly how many?

Can Jodie answer this one.


suki said...

hi, yes im having probs seeing the photos, I thought it was my pc, but fingers crossed it will get sorted soon..Wightbay is a great site, iv sold loads and bought loads too, helps out with so many items and services, so I know its a massive hit , both here and some places on mainland..just wish SCAMMERS would sod off, as they arent needed or wanted on here....Regards suki

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free island for all said...

i see that charges are being gradualy introduced i.e its now £3 to sell a car, are you planning on charging for all adds in the future, i understand it costs to run the site, but would be a shame to lose this fantastic free service for the island. however im sure someone else will set up another free version, as happened in the past when martin introduced charges. i know the other site filled with adds overnight.
i know charging will reduce the scammers and people selling rubish on the site. please keep it free for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

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