Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New site imminent...!

Ok, so it's been a long time coming but a new era for Wightbay.com will soon be upon us (cue dramatic music!).

The blog, which has been severely neglected in recent months will be back in full use and will undergo a make-over of it's own in coming months.

So to kick-start the return of the blog, I would like to give you first visual of the new look Wightbay site in preparation for it going live next week. (Fingers crossed!)

Here it is...


Anonymous said...

when is this happening as i cannot open wightbay today ?

Anonymous said...

I have been having problems for weeks trying to use wightbay. The pages never load and it times out. Cant wait for new site. Thank you

Anonymous said...

wheres my ads and messages??? not sure liking the new wightbay??..

Anonymous said...

not liking the new wightbay!!!!! wheres the messaging box ?????? if its not broke y fix it

richie harman said...

wheres the messages i cant find them not liking the new version at all

Terry Green said...

If I had known this was coming I would have taken a pill:

Many of my ads missing
No message box
Some categories in existing ads wrongly stated and editing the ad does not reveal which category it is in!

Not happy but more pictures is good

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